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5, 6.3 or 8 tonnes SWL new Street overhead traveling crane

We have in stock a circa 2020, single girder overhead crane that is just short of 17 meter in span, wheel to wheel. This can be supplied with a brand new Street Crane ZX wire Rope Hoist, or a used hoist. We currently have 3 Street used ZX hoists in stock, subject to remaining sold if you prefer a secondhand hoist.

The end carriages for this crane are inverter driven, to allow smooth take of speeds and low load swing. In fact when the inverter is set inside the crane’s Banelec panel load swing is almost zero, offering ultra safe lifting. As well as being safer when in use the inverter reduces the amount of down time as the brakes and pinions virtually never wear out.

If you prefer a different hoist to Streets, we have many other types in stock, both new and used, from Stahl,  Demag to Balkancar Podem, Abus or even a Misery.

The rating on this crane can be changed to 3.2t, 4t or 5t SWL.

Crane Reference TB6.

We carry out UK, and Europe wide crane site surveys, if an order is placed, as well annual servicing, and 24 hour maintenance backup should it ever be required.

If required we can also offer full crane drawings including over turning moments, bolt embedment depth, and pull out forces.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib crane and hoist sales, as well as site surveys for gantry crane steelwork, crane training, crane installation, servicing, testing, repairs, maintenance even in; Crumlin, Kirkby, Letchworth, Brighton, Canvey Island, Kinver, and Bedford.

In addition crane upgrades are a specialty of ours. From a new hoist, buzz bar or radio remote control updates.

Finally if you did not find the crane that you were looking for on this page, visit our Overhead Crane stock list, or call us on 01527 894825. Advise is free of charge this week!


REF: AG426
SPAN: 16750mm span, beam depth 930mm, bottom flange width 350mm.

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