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2 Used A Frames For Sale

Used A Frames For Sale.

We have a used A Frames for sale, with a capacity of 2000kgs. Our stock reference is AG466- 7. Currently available, located in Rotherham. Furthermore we have a drawing available of the wheeled A-frame.

A frame AG466-7, has an overall height of 5010mm, and an overall span of 7000mm. These measurements are approximate and can be confirmed.

This A-frame does not have a hoist, but we can supply a new or a used hoist. They are also bolted to the factory floor, and not on wheels, ensuring secure and safe lifting. Wheels are an option.

They are available for collection within 1-2 weeks, subject to remaining unsold, why wait weeks for new?  During this time the A-Frame will be run-tested as well as re-painted to look as new if required. Priced from £2966.00 (ex-works).

Costs for delivery, install, test and commissioning are also available upon request, therefore we can offer the full crane package.

AG Cranes are proud to offer fully qualified engineers who can install your A-Frame.  A suitable date for you can be arranged and will go through all requirements prior to the installation. In addition we can then get you up and running as soon and as safely as possible!  Annual Services and Report of Thorough Inspection are also part of what we can offer further to installation.

A frames for sale

2 x 2 tonne mobile A Frames

We hold various new and used A-Frame Gantries in stock so can offer very fact delivery times. We update our website regularly, so please have a browse to see what is currently available for sale.

Please call, we look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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REF: AG466
SPAN: 5 meters and 7 meters

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