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15 tonne Double Girder Crane For Sale. SOLD.

15 tonne double girder cranes for sale.

We a selling a pair of used Street cranes suitable for an overhead twin beam crane at 11,000 meters span. We can make a fully refurbished crane as a fraction of the cost of a full new crane. These double beam  crane comes with; control panel and complete festoon system and an option for radio remote control. In addition there may an option of a 20 meter wide double girder Streets Crane from the same site. Just awaiting client approval.

We also manufacture double girder crane support steelwork, and offer crane and support steel installation as well as testing.

You can even chose the make of hoist for your new crane. We supply Street, Demag, Abus or our more economical imported hoists. It is your choice and depends on your budget. We have now added a section to this website as well as new and used call “used beams, new hoist”, to suit all budgets.

Height of lift is 6290mm floor to rail.

Radio remote controls options from under £1100.00.

Please quote Crane REFERENCE: NBY1

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib and hoist sales as well as, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Bishampton, Kinver, Chapple, Avonmouth, Chelsea, Leicester, Tipton, Chorley, Cirencester, Warwick and Mexborough.

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Double girder crane PDF.

SPAN: 11,000 mm and 20654mm.

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