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Pillar Cranes From AG Cranes

New and used pillar jib cranes. All makes in stock from Demag to Donati, Pelloby to Mechan.

Pillar Cranes

AG Cranes can supply and install new and used pillar cranes for all applications. As a result, we offer excellent quality jib cranes from 63kg capacity up to 3,000kg. Likewise, we can provide larger capacities and bespoke solutions on request. Most swing jibs have a slewing arm range of 270 degrees. Extra large base plates are also available if your floor isn’t the deepest.

Swing jib cranes have 2 parts a swing arm and a column. We normally supply them with an electric or manual chain block, usually with a hand push travel hoist trolley.

Underbraced pillar cranes always have a better lifting or hook height usually around 500mm better overbraced.
Overbraced pillar cranes have better hoist travel back towards the pillar, where underbraced have a small gusset that can limit travel.

Large team of professionals

AG cranes are experts in the trade. We aim to provide a complete and full service to all our customers and giving them peace of mind they are receiving an excellent product.

We have a large team of professionals that are always aiming to give the best and talk through your requirements and carry out site visits when needed. We also can provide full drawings of all installation methods.

New and Used Pillar Cranes

With all of our new or used cranes, we ensure that full working functionality is present. If installing, we will load test and provide a report of thorough examination. Service interval are 12 monthly; based on normal usage.

Contact us!

If you wish to see more of our extensive stock of pillar cranes visit the products section of our page. Or visit our contact page and get in touch today, of course you can always telephone us.

We usually need to know the following on enquiry:

1. SWL required (safe working load).

2. The overall height of the swing jib and any height restrictions.

3. Outreach, for example how long should the jibs arm length be?

4.Hook height needed, from hook to the floor.

5. Whether you need an under braced or over braced swing jib crane.

All makes available, Donati, Pelloby, Demag, Niko, Street, Abus, Stahl and Kone swing jibs. Lastly, visit us on Linkedin.


Ref: REF AG511. Please quote when emailing us.
Size: 4850mm wide and 8800mm long. Approx 6.4 meters hook to floor. Drawing available.