Stahl gantry crane

Used and new STAHL Cranes for sale. As new condition, with pendant control. We have two identical used Stahl 2t cranes with crane tracks.

Even though these 2t gantry cranes are used they will have new inverter driven end carriages a new crane panel with new frequency inverters fitted. (Because we have sold the used crane end carriages or bogies that came with them.)

REF AG204.

2 tonne SWL Stahl crane from Wolverhampton.

Two in stock, both second hand.

14200mm crane rail center span.

It comprises of a gantry which is 35m long.

3.4m floor to rail.

Crane beam depth 470mm.

Down shop crane rails are in 7.5 meter pitches.

Hook from the floor 3.12 to 3.3 meters, give or take a gnat's whisker...

Crane columns available, above.


Below 2000kgs Stahl overhead crane, c/w a NEW Stahl electric chain hoist. AG216-1.

Stahl single girder crane

2 tonne SWL Stahl crane was sited in Winchester.

17400mm crane rail center span. TBC

It can come with a free standing crane gantry.

4.55m floor to rail. TBC.

Down shop crane rails are in 6 meter pitches.

Hoist hook distance from the floor 4 meters.

REF AG216-1

Crane free standing columns available.

2nd hand Stahl crane reference REF AG216-1

New Stahl Cranes; price list.

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