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Breakdowns And Hoist Repairs

Crane Breakdowns.

We offer a crane breakdown and hoist repair service for any issues you may have with your cranes. This can be an intermittent fault or the crane could have completely stopped working. Please let us know the issue you are having, any pictures are of a great help at this stage (this can be of any serial numbers or of the item you are having the issue with) and the site the crane is located. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our engineers are charged per hour, including travelling to site, plus mileage.


Monorail Crane

Monorail Crane

Hoist Repairs

Alternatively you can send your hoist, remote or part to our warehouse, one of our engineers will look at it for you and we can quote you for the work. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring and we can come up with the best way to help.

Crane Upgrade.

If your overhead travelling crane, (OHTC)  swing arm jib, or hoist requires an upgrade, we can help. Our engineers can fully refurbish, recondition or replace any off the following;

  • Electrical crane buzz bar systems, 415 volts, three phase and earth.
  • Crane electrical control panels.
  • Hoist motors rewind, or overhaul.
  • Old crane pendants for modern FLEX radio remote controls.
  • Dangerous jerky single speed long travel motors into 2 speed via an inverter.
  • Limit switches, slow down limits, or zoned areas.
  • Gantry tracks, or long or cross travel end stops, despite trained operators accidents can happen.
  • Fitting of an emergency stop button.
  • Fitting of an overload device.

Occasionally, especially on very old cranes a new or used crane may actually be cheaper than the repairs required. Talk to our sales staff on 01527 894825.

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